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Ecothrive life cycle

Ecothrive - Life-Cycle 1KG

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Ecothrive Life-Cycle

Life-Cycle is a balanced organic nutrition mix designed to provide a broad combination of nutrients and minerals to the soil. Life-Cycle may be combined with depleted soil at the conclusion of a grow or used as a top dressing supplement in veg and bloom. It was designed to be used with our Eco-Life potting soil, but it may also be used with other soil or coco mixtures. Life-Cycle, which is made from raw dry components, will enrich your soil and generate naturally fruitful plants.
Ecothrive and Indoor Organics are collaborating to produce real organic goods made from high-quality components.

What exactly is Life-Cycle?
Frass Mealworm (Ecothrive Charge)
The addition of mealworm castings naturally charges up our soil mix by increasing nitrogen, potassium, and phosphate levels as well as delivering a healthy dose of beneficial bacteria. Frass also contains mealworm skins and body parts, which are an excellent source of chitin, which triggers the plant immune response and boosts its defences.

Neem Cake
Neem is good for soil fertility because it is a nutrient accumulator with deep reaching roots that suck up nourishment from below the soil surface where other plants cannot. Neem is high in N, P, and K, as well as calcium and magnesium, and it is effective against soil pests and pathogens.

Gypsum not only adds calcium and sulphur for better scent and flavour development, but it also conditions the soil by boosting water penetration and decreasing water logging.

Rock Dust from Basalt
Volcanic rock dust, or basalt, is another source of trace minerals and has a high silica concentration. Silica is necessary for optimal plant health and vitality, yet it is frequently missing in soil mixtures. A high Silica concentration in your soil will assist your plants to grow big and robust, with thick stems and branches that can support hefty crops.
Seaweed Meal
Our seaweed meal is derived from the species Ascophyllum nodosum and provides a diverse range of minerals - over 60 trace elements that your plants require for a balanced diet. Seaweed also includes significant natural plant growth hormones such as cytokinins, which aid in cell division and growth, indoles, which aid in root development, and auxins and gibberellins, which aid in the movement of critical nutrients. Possibly the greatest organic soil supplement available!

Crustacean Meal
Another multi-nutritional ingredient, our crustacean meal is made entirely of Krill and contains N, P, K, as well as calcium, magnesium, and sulphur, all of which contribute to the product's flavour. It is high in Essential Fatty Acids (Omega/EFAs), which are microbially helpful meals. Most significantly, krill meal is the most sustainable crustacean input since it is harvested from the ocean with nearly no bycatch and exclusively from regenerative fishing zones.

Fulvic and Humic Acids
Humus is a breakdown product that is high in humic and fulvic acids. Life-Cycle comprises humic and fulvic acids derived from naturally mined ancient plant reserves. These essential components are excellent in chelating nutrients and making them easier for plants to absorb, as well as stimulating microbial activity and improving plant health and root development.