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Biosys is formulated from a proprietary combination of beneficial bacteria and all-natural plant growth promoters. Because of its simplicity and speed of application, Biosys is unparalleled in its ability to boost root zone health. Ecothrive's Biosys quick microbial tea will give your plants a jolt of energy.

Biosys comes in the form of a concentrated powder that, when mixed with water, creates a "microbe tea." It has some somewhat complicated components that have multiple effects.

Biosys contains beneficial bacteria that boost plant growth by enhancing root function, nutrient availability, and resistance to disease. Here are some examples of the organisms in question:

The Endo mycorrhizal fungus, of which there are eight species,
Bacteria that fix nitrogen, including 8 different types of Bacillus and 2 different types of Nitrogen-fixing bacteria
Pseudomonas spp. 1&2
There are 2 different kinds of Trichoderma.

Beneficial bacteria and fungi are activated and can continue to develop in the root zone thanks to the biological catalysts included in Biosys. Humic acids, amino acids, enzymes, proteins, carbohydrates, and seaweed extract are all examples of catalysts that stimulate and support the microbial life cycle.

Biosys rapidly activates when mixed with water and applied to the root zone, resulting in a more favourable environment for your crop's roots. Biosys can be used successfully in a variety of growing environments, including outdoor soil, indoor soil, coco, hydroponic growing medium (such as rockwool), and hydroponic systems with little or no growing media at all.

Biosys is ideal for (re)populating the root zone, stimulating root growth, and keeping the ecosystem under check. Biosys is best used when starting seedlings or cuttings, and then again every week or two indoors and every four weeks outside. Biosys works differently than other products on the market, rapidly populating the rhizosphere with a wide range of beneficial natural microorganisms.

The powdered form of Biosys contains a wide variety of helpful organisms, including bacteria, fungus, enzymes, plant growth stimulants, and microbial catalysts.
Biosys encourages cuttings to root and fosters growth in both the vegetative and reproductive stages of a plant's life cycle.
Helps the plant's root system stay strong and healthy for the duration of its growth.
Biosys promotes robust plant development and efficient nutrient uptake by adding beneficial microbes to the rhizosphere.
Assists plants in making a speedy recovery after being subjected to stress.
The concentration of Biosys is very high.
Biosys use microorganisms as catalysts, and these catalysts dissolve in water.
A cutting-edge, no-waiting-around-for-it fast replacement for traditional brewed compost tea!
There is no learning curve associated with using Biosys.