Dynomyco Dynamite Stick

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DYNOMYCO is a mycorrhizal inoculant developed specifically for use with vegetables and herbs. It was developed for commercial agricultural use after years of bio-testing with a wide variety of mycorrhizal strains and plant species. It's an endomycorrhizal fungus blend, and it contains 900 propagules per gram from two different species (700 propagules per gram of Glomus intraradices and 200 propagules per gram of Glomus mosseae). That's 2.3 times as many as the lowest-performing product on the market, Mykos, which only contains Glomus intraradices, and more than twice as many as the next-best product on the market, Great White, which has 387 propagules/gram across all nine species (8.4X more if comparing only Glomus intraradices). It is more likely that your inoculant will colonise the root and have an impact if there are more propagules in it.

Each granule of DYNOMYCO comprises two species of fungus that have been found to interact symbiotically with several plant species. One of the strains of Glomus intraradices utilised to develop DYNOMYCO was first discovered in the Judean desert in Israel. It's a very hardy kind that grows well even in the driest of desert climates. It has so far been able to withstand extremes in temperature, both day and night, in the form of high salinity and fluctuating pH levels, as well as a lack of rainfall and occasional flash floods.

Thirty years of research went into developing DYNOMYCO, and hundreds of producers of vegetables and herbs in the United States and Israel participated in beta testing before the product's official release on April 20, 2019.