Cyco Platinum Series - Silica
Cyco Platinum Series - Silica
Cyco Platinum Series - Silica
Cyco Platinum Series - Silica
Cyco Platinium

Cyco Platinum Series - Silica

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For Toughening up Overall Plant Structure

Cyco Silica works to improve the structure of plants by toughening the walls of individual cells. By assisting the health of each individual cell, the whole plant then becomes fortified from top to bottom. The effects can be quite dramatic and the differences can be seen with the naked eye expect to see fatter stems, tougher branches and shinier leaves. As a result, your plants will then develop a much greater resistance to troublesome issues like pests, diseases/rot and pathogenic fungi.
Strengthens individual cells
Allows plants to support weight
Helps to combat the effects of heat stress
Assists with cell reproduction 
The cleanest, purest potassium silicate 
Reduces water loss - helps to control plant transpiration rates
Used at 1.0ml to 2.0ml per litre
Gets the job done in any medium or system

How Cyco Silica Works:

Cyco strive to give you the cleanest, most refined forms of additives and this product is a great example.

This silicon in its pure form of Silicic Acid is 100% plant available meaning not only does it stay in the solution but it gets where it is needed, fast. Cyco Silica is easy to pH and is the the most soluble, bio available form of silicon for your garden.