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Cyco Platinium Series - Recovery Kit
Cyco Platinium

Cyco Platinium Series - Recovery Kit

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Plant health will improve if the CYCO RECOVERY KIT is used in conjunction with CYCO products, or as a problem-solving solution if used with other brands.

Versatile in terms of growing systems and mediums.

"Cyco has set a new standard, and it's a resounding success."
Helps to maximise the growth potential of your plants.
Slow-growing plants can be revived with the help of this product.
Aids in the recovery of plants that have deficiencies as a result of environmental stress or poor growth environment.

 Contents of ProKit:
1x 1 Litre Cyco Zyme
1x 1 Litre Cyco B1 Boost
1x 1 Litre Cyco Dr. Repair
1x Information Booklet