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For experienced high-value plant growers who are almost (but not quite) satisfied with their yields – but want something more...
Greetings, seasoned grower!

Are you...

AN EXPERIENCED GROWER with a track record of exceptional results and clientele who rave about your product?

A VERY ARTISTIC HOME GROWER with a "Microgrowery" of their own?

A PROFESSIONAL GROWER who makes a living from his plants?

WHO SUPPLIES THE MEDICAL COMMUNITY? A COMMERCIAL GROWER with hundreds or perhaps thousands of lights?

If you can say yes, and you're already a top-tier grower who has pushed your present feeding routine to its limits...

If you still need more production and potency after all of this success, pH Perfect® Connoisseur may be the ideal base nutrition for you.

Only the most potent, powerful compounds have been researched, tested, and sourced, ensuring that your crops reach their most productive grow and bloom phase possible.

In addition, for optimal absorption, all primary, secondary, and micronutrients in this flagship formulation are fully or partially chelated.

And, as if that weren't enough, pH Perfect® Technology keeps the pH in the "sweet spot" every week of your grow, so you can put away your pH metres and pens forever.

What's the bottom line?

If you already know what you're doing, pH Perfect Connoisseur can help your plants fulfil their genetic potential.

Thousands of man-hours of research and development went into this breakthrough in bud growth...

Albert Einstein is reputed to have referred to compound interest as the most powerful force in the cosmos. pH Perfect Connoisseur was created with this in mind by a team of 21 PhDs lead by Dr. Savov.

Our team used the power of compound interest to generate compound enhancements for your high-value facilities, drawing on a Japanese technical breakthrough known as "kaizen" (pronounced K-eye-zen).

Here's how it's done...

The concept of Kaizen is making several modest improvements at each step of a multi-sequence process in order to achieve huge effects in the end (like compound interest). In Bulgaria, Dr. Savov and his team achieved just that...

The scientists discovered three areas where they could improve upon basic base nutrition...

1. The nutrients themselves are chosen. While most nutrient companies rely on previous research and rumour, the Advanced Nutrients team was looking for hard data. The scientists extracted every variable they could through a series of exhaustive plant-specific tissue sample testing. They then proceeded to ask a number of minor inquiries. What's really going on here, for example?

Is it possible to make a minor improvement to this aspect? Can we make it work better with the rest of the ingredients? When they were ultimately able to provide authoritative answers to all of these concerns, the results of the formula they devised were undeniable.

2. The modes of delivery They understood it would be a huge waste if this new formulation, as potent as it was, couldn't be absorbed simply and reliably by your plants once the "building blocks" of the recipe – nutrient choices – were adjusted. So they experimented with surfactants, amino acids, and every other potential chemical or combination of compounds to improve your plants' nutrition.

The plants fed this novel formulation couldn't help but absorb practically every last drop when the delivery methods were optimised!

3. Are there any other minor adjustments that may be made? This is when the team discovered the true potential for massive leverage... not just over the industry standard, but even over Advanced Nutrient's greatest nutes to date.

Plant bloom metabolism and floral production were the leverage points. Most base nutes' armour had weak links, and when Dr. Savov's team discovered them, they did what they do best: they did what they do best. They went to work patiently and ardently. When you purchase pH Perfect Connoisseur, you are getting a base nutrient that can compete with a whole shelf of regular base nutes and bloom boosters.

Since its release several years ago, pH Perfect Connoisseur has been the world's most advanced base nutrient and the flagship base nutrient in the Advanced Nutrients line, and it has worked out better than they could have dreamed.

Three more reasons to use pH Perfect Connoisseur to prepare for your biggest, heaviest harvests yet.

The first reason is that the pH is unbalanced.
The pH Perfect Technology from Advanced Nutrients automatically stabilises your pH, ensuring that your plants stay in their "sweet spot." There are two major reasons why this is advantageous:

Protects against the strains caused by pH changes. Strong acids and alkalis, which are hard substances to put into your reservoir and cause abrupt pH shifts that are taxing to your plants, are the only pH-adjusting supplements you have.
Your crops will no longer be subjected to wild pH swings because pH Perfect keeps the pH consistent and stable – making it balance-free.

Ensures healthy nourishment by preventing nutritional deficits. The sweet spot is the point at which your plants absorb the most nutrients. Nutrients remain bio-available to the roots while the pH stays within this range.
As a result, your crops can absorb all of the basic, secondary, and micronutrients they require during the week – and their whole lifecycle.

As a result, "pH Perfect" grows are characterised by rapid development, nutrient-healthy plants, and larger harvests free of nutrient deficiencies.

Reason #2: Advanced Chelation Technology: Super-absorptive chelation provides additional assurance of adequate nutrition. pH Perfect Connoisseur has a supplementary layer of protection in addition to pH stabilisation: chelation.

This formulation's powerful chelation makes nutrients more accessible to the roots than they would otherwise be.

This holds true in a variety of severe growing situations, including extremely acidic, alkaline, or mineralized fluids, soils, hydroponic growing media, or nutrient solutions.

All of the major, secondary, and micronutrients are fully or partially chelated, and some are even chelated numerous times.

So, even if the water you're using is too soft or too hard, or if an environmental condition or a growing error causes the pH to be too high or too low, your crops will still be able to feed. This is due to the fact that this robust chelation allows for a theoretical absorption range of pH 1 to pH 10. (Although actual pH ranges in growth never vary this much, you may be confident that the chelation will keep your plants inside the bounds of ideal growing circumstances.)

Reason #3: The Bud-Getting Benefits You Can't Get Anywhere Else:
Unique 5-in-1 formulas provide additional nutrition and value. You practically receive five items in one bottle with this nutritious breakthrough:

Wet Betty: (A surfactant or "wetting agent") that helps the roots absorb nutrients more effectively.
H-2 (Humic acids) and F-1 (Fulvic acid), which, among other things, provide further pH buffering and chelation.
A wide range of 20 amino acids, the basic building blocks of life, that are required for the formation of cell walls in stems, leaves, and flowers. Because no other product on the market – whether created by Advanced Nutrients or a rival – has as many amino acids as these, they're known as "the bonus you can't buy."
pH Perfect Technology – for pH levels that are constantly in the "sweet spot" and are never out of equilibrium.

Warning: pH Perfect Connoisseur Might Not Be Right For You...

There are some people who aren't ready for pH Perfect Connoisseur just yet...

pH Perfect Connoisseur is not recommended for growers who have just been growing for a year or less...

The pH Perfect Connoisseur is not for the grower who hasn't perfected his growing environment (lights, temperature, grow & bloom cycles, insect management, and so on).

pH Perfect Connoisseur is not for growers who are having trouble getting great results from other pH Perfect Base nutrients (all pH Perfect Base Nutrients are already dialled in to give great plant specific results – you should be getting great results with pH Perfect Sensi before trying pH Perfect Connoisseur, for example).

To put it another way, only experienced growers should utilise this special mix.

Why This High-Priced Advanced Nutrients Flagship Base Nutrient Can Actually SAVE You Thousands and Earn You Even More...

pH Perfect Connoisseur is a pricey product. It is, in fact, the most "expensive" Base Nutrient that Advanced Nutrients carries.

But, if it provides greater value than any other Base Nutrient now accessible, is it really "expensive"?

You've seen why pH Perfect Connoisseur was created ONLY for advanced growers who can completely utilise its strong potential because their system is already dialled in...

You've seen how a team of over 12 plant PhDs meticulously developed over years of research into the special needs of high-value plant farmers, and how pH Perfect Connoisseur solves them all for you, one by one...

You've now seen three additional compelling reasons why pH Perfect Connoisseur is possibly the best purchase you can make in your growing programme...

In other words, because of the enormous value packed into each bottle of pH Perfect Connoisseur, this high-priced basic nutrition actually saves you money by avoiding lost time, failed crops, and perhaps squandered harvests.

It also enables you to produce more each year by raising your output and improving the quality of your final product.

What's more, the best thing is that it's completely free.

These claims are backed up by the entire Advanced Nutrients team. Here's how it works:

Of course, your satisfaction is guaranteed...

 Advanced Nutrients are known around the world for our honesty and dedication to you, the farmer.

We treat you the way we want to be treated since Advanced Nutrients was founded by growers for growers. That's why we provide our world-famous 100 percent Money Back Grower Guarantee on pH Perfect Connoisseur (and all of our products).

That's right, pH Perfect Connoisseur must meet or exceed all of your expectations, or you'll get your money back in full. That is their solemn vow to you, 

What You Should Do Next To Put This Breakthrough To Work For You...

When you consider the facts and the outcomes, you'll agree that pH Perfect Connoisseur is the ideal base nutrient for the seasoned high-value plant producer.

And now you know that with Advanced Nutrients, you're 100% certain to achieve fantastic results without jeopardising a single penny of your hard-earned cash...

Acting immediately is the ONLY rational thing to do at this point. Tell your local hydroponics retailer that you'd like to test Advanced Nutrients pH Perfect Connoisseur during your next crop cycle.

Follow This Easy Feeding Chart Created by Advanced Nutrients (Grow Phase)
Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 Week 7 Week 8 Week 9 Week 10 Week 11 Week
Part A of the pH Perfect® Connoisseur Grow 1 mL/2 mL/2 mL/4 mL/4 mL/4 mL/4 mL/4 mL/4 mL/4 mL/4 mL/4 mL/4 mL/4 m
Part B of the pH Perfect® Connoisseur Grow 1 mL/2 mL/2 mL/4 mL/4 mL/4 mL/4 mL/4 mL/4 mL/4 mL/4 mL/4 mL/4 mL/4 m
Conversions: 1 teaspoon Equals 5 millilitres | 1 tablespoon = 15 millilitres | 1 ounce = 30 millilitres | 1 cup = 240 millilitres

Note: We do not utilise paclobutrazol, daminozide, or any other illegal plant growth regulators in our products at Advanced Nutrients.