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Co2 Fusion Spray

Co2 Fusion Spray

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CO2 Fusion is a hand-held CO2 spray in a pressurised canister that allows the grower to apply localised CO2 to the growing environment.


Designed to enhance the Photosynthesis of the plant by introducing CO2 to the leaf through a foliar feed.

Contains natural plant extracts to provide amino acids and Sugars to the leaf in a readily absorbed spray.

The process of increasing CO2 levels in the water to the leaf mimics the effect of growing in a higher CO2 environment.

Resulting in bigger leaves and more pant available chemical energy.

CO2 Fusion is a unique combination of 100% Natural pant growth regulators and amino acids, delivered directly to the plant's leaf.

Leaves will grow noticeably larger and the increased surface area enables the plant to absorb more energy for Photosynthesis.

CO2 fusion used on small plants gives them the best start in life but results will be noticeable throughout the plants life.