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As far as indoor growers are concerned, Advanced Nutrients has solved all of their problems with ONE, one! product.

Consequently, Carbo Load is meant to provide your plants with all the organic carbohydrates they require at the right time to guarantee that they continue to expand and produce more delicious harvests.

First of all, if you are an organic grower who is committed to using only natural products on your plants, you may still utilise this fantastic bloom booster. Second, it has an ideal ratio of simple to complex, all-natural carbohydrates. Second, studies have shown that houseplants have a higher rate of organic carbohydrate absorption.

The sugars glucose, arabinose, and xylose are combined with fulvic acids to create Carbo Load. Your plants' blossoming potential will increase right immediately thanks to the timely delivery of simple sugars. The effectiveness of your plants' roots is another area where fulvic acids shine. Your plants will be healthier and more resistant to disease, drought, oxygen deprivation stress, and other outside influences if you increase their capacity to absorb carbohydrates.

Carbo Load not only gives your plants the carbs they need, but it also gives them beneficial bacteria to help them make the most of their root zone. More nutrients and water will be absorbed by your plants if you use beneficial bacteria, which will lead to higher harvests.

Powder and liquid forms of Advanced Nutrients' Carbo Load are suitable for use in Aeroponic, NFT, Flood and Drain, and Deep Water Culture hydroponic systems (DWC).

As a general rule of thumb, one litre of liquid will produce 500 litres of nutritional solution, whereas 40 grams will produce 133 litres.

Specifications for Use:

Use 2 millilitres of this solution per litre of water during the flowering stage.