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Carbo Load - Advanced Nutrients
Advanced Nutrients

Carbo Load - Advanced Nutrients

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With this product, Advanced Nutrients has taken care of all of the needs of indoor growers.

As a result, Carbo Load is intended to supply your plants with all the organic carbohydrates they need at the proper moment to ensure that they continue to develop larger and tastier crops.

For one, you may still use this wonderful bloom enhancer if you're growing organically and want to keep your plants completely organic. Two, it includes the Perfect combination of simple and complex 100 percent organic carbs. Second, research shows that indoor plants are better at absorbing organic carbs.

Carbo Load contains a special mixture of fulvic acids and glucose, arabinose, and xylose. As a result, your plants receive simple sugars exactly in time, improving their flowering ability straight away. Fulvic acids also improve the efficiency of the roots of your plants. Your plants' ability to absorb carbohydrates is improved, and they are protected from infections, drought, oxygen deprivation stress, and other environmental factors.

To maximise your plants root zone, Carbo Load not only provides your plants with the carbohydrates they need, but also provides them with root-enhancing microorganisms. If you utilise beneficial bacteria, your plants will be able to absorb nutrients and water more effectively, resulting in increased yields as a consequence.

Carbo Load from Advanced Nutrients is available in powder and liquid form for use in a variety of hydroponic systems, including Aeroponic, NFT, Flood and Drain, and Deep Water Culture (DWC).

Standard dosage: one litre of liquid yields 500 litres of nutrient solution; 40 grammes yields 133 litres; these are the two most common dosages.

Usage Instructions :

Throughout the blooming period, use 2ml of this liquid per litre.