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CANNA Terra Professional Plus- CANNA

CANNA Terra Professional Plus- CANNA

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CANNA Terra Professional is a nitrogen-rich potting mix for plant cultivation. It contains a blend of upgraded black peat, granulated peat moss and perlite.

These ingredients also promote exceptional root development and the formation of thicker stems Faster metabolism combined with low sickness rates ensure higher yields.

Directions of use:
Loosen the CANNA Terra Professional Plus and fill the pots, compressing the medium slightly. Add water until a little begins to drain through and then place the plant in the CANNA Terra Professional Plus.

Depending on the size of the pot, growing conditions and the plant's growth stage, adjust the amount of water given to the needs of the plant in question. Under normal conditions, adult plants evaporate 4-6 litres of moisture a day, per m2.

For larger plants, use 5 litre pots or larger. The larger the pot, the more constant the root environment will be. Make sure that theres sufficient drainage; you may want to place a thin layer of hydro-granules in the bottom of the pot for air and drainage.

Store in a cool dry place, do not expose to temperatures below 4ºC.