Canna Mono - Trace Mix 1L

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Canna Mono nutrients can help you overcome specific deficiencies!

We offer a number of ready-to-use, high-quality basic nutritional formulas optimized for specific substrates and stages of plant development.
Defects are still possible and frequent.
Each bottle of Canna Mono-Nutrient contains only one nutrient (except trace mix).
This allows growers to diagnose and address nutritional deficiencies without giving them more that could make the problem worse.
Nitrogen (N 17%), Phosphorus (P 16%), Potassium (K 17%), Magnesium (MgO 7%) and Trace Mix are among the individual nutritional supplements included in the line.

What Are Canna Mono nutrients and How Do They Work?

Malnutrition has many causes. The nutrient solution may not have been updated for a long time. It is also possible that there was a pH issue.
Under these circumstances, plants are deficient in certain nutrients and deficiencies may occur.
Even using high-quality nutrients like kanna may not be enough to avoid deficiencies. However, even after addressing the root cause of the problem, sometimes it is important to fix the defect.
For example, if a calcium deficiency is caused by improper pH, the first step is to address the pH issue.

Canna Calcium Mono nutrient accelerates plant recovery when used long-term as a dietary supplement.

Each product in the Canna Mono-Nutrient line is made from only the highest quality ingredients and is designed to quickly and effectively correct specific nutritional deficiencies.

Mono-nitrogen planer (N 17%)
One Lincanna (P 16%)
Monopotassium canna (K 17%)
Monomagnesium Canna (MgO 7%)

Canna Mono nutrients:
How to Use ThemIf your plants are experiencing nutritional deficiencies, the first step is to identify the missing nutrients and source the correct cannamononutrients to remedy the situation.

Here's a quick guide to finding the error:

Leaf yellowing begins in the lower leaves, progresses to the upper leaves, purple stems, and finally leaves fall off.

The plants turn dark green, grow slowly, develop necrotic (dying/dead) spots on the leaves, curl, wrinkle and fall off.

The margins of the young leaves are grey, with rusty mortalities and mottled yellow veins.

First, beige spots appear on the lower leaves. It has sharp edges and a dark brown central spot.
Magnesium causes cloudy, rusty spots on the leaves, especially between the veins.

The leaves turn yellow, especially in the veins of young leaves, but it spreads throughout the plant.The leaves eventually turn almost white.

Canna Mono Nutrients Trace Mix contains and treats micronutrient deficiencies of the following micronutrients:

Molybdenum has a concentration of 0.07 percent (Mo)
Copper is 0.06 percent (Cu)
Manganese is 0.6 percent of the total (Mn)
Boron content: 0.3 percent (B)
Zinc content of 0.3 percent (Zn)
Iron deficiency causes the above symptoms.
Molybdenum is a mineral that allows plants to metabolize nitrogen. A lack of this will result in a nitrogen deficiency.
A lack of copper results in brittle and withered stems, yellow leaves, and stunted growth.
Intervein chlorosis and brown mortalities on leaves are symptoms of manganese deficiency. Leaves begin to fall early.
Boron - Young growth is inhibited, and leaves sometimes have a reddish colour.
Zinc - Very short internodes and tiny leaves are the most visible indications of a boron shortage.

After determining the shortage and obtaining the appropriate Mono nutrient to address it, "flush" the medium with a large amount of plain water to remove any old nutrients. This offers you a "blank slate" to work with.

Prepare a new nutrition solution using a high-quality nutrient. Stir in the appropriate Canna Mono nutrient at the rate recommended on the bottle.