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Can Lite 2000 250mm (10") - Carbon Filter

Can Lite 2000 250mm (10") - Carbon Filter

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CAN-Lite 2000 m3/h, Fl 250mm CanFilter CAN-Lite 2000 m3/h, Fl 250mm

Can Lite filter with a maximum capacity of 2000 m3/h and a steel frame.

The filters have been updated. Can Lite make use of a form of carbon known as Lite? The micro-meso porous structure of Lite carbon, which is well designed to capture smell molecules in the hydroponic sector, is what makes it so good at purifying the air. During the 18-month life of a Can Lite filter, you can count on 100 percent air filtering every time.

The capacity of the Can Lite carbon filters to properly perform their tasks in a humidity of up to 75% is their key distinguishing feature. The Can Lite charcoal filter, which has the same high parameter, fulfils the maximum temperature of the working environment, which is 80 ° C.

If any of these parameters is exceeded, the carbon filter continues to operate, but its durability is reduced very quickly.


Material: Steel
Length: 100 cm
Weight: 19 kg
Carbon Weight: 10.2 kg
Diameter: 30 cm
Carbon Bed: 5cm
Carbon Type: Lite
Technical Capacity: 2200 m3/h
Practical Capacity: 2000 m3/h
Flange: 250mm