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Bud Booster - Green Planet
Bud Booster - Green Planet
Green Planet

Bud Booster - Green Planet

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Increases the size and density of blooms without adding any detrimental colours or chemicals to the plant's metabolism.


Changes to this product have been tremendous. The addition of a complete amino acid profile aids plants in carrying out critical aspects of life-supporting processes. The combination of these amino acids and B1 raises the effectiveness of this blooming enhancer even further. The product's colour and odour have changed, but its use remains the same as before.

Because of its high concentration in phosphorus, Green Planet's original Bloom Booster aids in the growth of the plant throughout the intermediate stages of flowering. To put it another way, it's a flower enhancer used by novice gardeners to produce a larger, heavier harvest.

Flower size and density can be increased with powdered phosphorous and potassium. This product is incredibly cost effective.

Potassium enhances the quality of your flowers and fruits and aids in the creation of starch by plants.