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Bio Protect

Bio Protect

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Protect by GHE is a spray product that protects your plants by creating a second layer of thick skin that reinforces their cell wall so that no pathogens can get through.

Its essential oils and amino acids increase hormone production which in turn increases enzymatic processes which accelerates growth.

Protect by GHE substantially increases your plants’ health and stimulates growth and flowering so that you can make the most out of your plants.

It contains quality ingredients so that your plants can have the best possible immune system.

It’s generally combined with a full nutrient base that gives your plants all of the necessary nutrients so that your plants can grow and flower correctly. You can  check out General Hydroponics Europe’s full fertilizer chart in order to give your plants a professional diet.

Dosage and how to use Protect by GHE:

  • Dilute 5ml per liter and spray your plants’ leaves along the top and bottom once a week for three weeks.
  • Stop using after three weeks.


  • Essential plant oils.
  • Fruit and plant extract amino acids.