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Bio-Grow - BioBizz
Bio-Grow - BioBizz

Bio-Grow - BioBizz

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Exceptional growth at all phases of the plant's development

This liquid growth fertiliser can be used on a variety of soil and substrate blends. It's composed of 100 percent organic Dutch sugar beet extract, also known as vinasse.

A natural fermentation process produces this by-product of processing sugar beets or sugar cane into sugar. The sugar's starches are subsequently broken down by enzymes to form glucose, which, combined with other plant nutrients, provides a plentiful food source for soil bacteria, resulting in a more productive soil.

BioGrow's natural sugars and potassium promote the bacterial flora in the substrate, ensuring a plentiful harvest of delectably sweet fruit.

What is the best way to use it?

BioGrow is a full-spectrum, 100% organic fertiliser that can be applied during the entire growth and flowering cycle.

Begin when the first leaves appear and continue until the plant reaches a height of 10 - 15 cms. Then continue to use BioGrow till the fruit production is finished.