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Bio-Bloom - Biobizz
Bio-Bloom - Biobizz

Bio-Bloom - Biobizz

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The optimum diet for blooming flowers

Are you hoping for a bountiful crop of delectable fruits to come from your flowers? Then this 100 percent organic, full liquid fertiliser is just what you're looking for. It has the ideal balance of nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium, as well as enzymes and amino acids, all of which act in perfect harmony with the substrate. To aid in the development of a strong-stemmed and strong flowering plant, trace elements and hormones of vegetable origin have been added.

Potassium and phosphorus in BioBloom aid in the formation and growth of bulbs, calyces, and petals. Potassium, in particular, works with the plant's natural rhythms throughout the day and night, assisting in the blooming process.

How should you use it?

BioBloom is a self-contained fertiliser that can be used from the start of flowering to harvest.

Biobizz suggests using about 2-4ml of BioBloom per litre of water. In our official Nutrient Schedule, you'll find specific doses for each phase.