Autopot Easy2Grow 8.5L-15L Pot 2-100 Pot System

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The easy2grow Extension Kit includes the following items:

1x 2Pot tray & lid
2x 8.5ltr pots (optional upgrade to 15ltr pots)
Marix discs are placed inside each pot to prevent soil and compost from escaping.
2x PotSocks - The RCDs are set gold-side up in the tray beneath each pot. The RCDs will keep roots from escaping their containers and deter them from approaching the AQUAvalve.
Between the pots, a single AQUAvalve with the 2Pot Extension Kit is positioned.
1 metre of pipe length
1x 9mm Tee for simple connection to current systems or the easy2grow Kit

The following are the sizes of the nutrient tanks included with the various AutoPot systems:

1-6 Pot System - 50L Litre Tank, 8 Pot System - 100 Litre Tank, 12-16 Pot System - 225 Litre Tank, 24-60 Pot System - 400 Litre Tank, 80-100 Pot System - 750 Litre Tank

The easy2grow is a versatile device that may be used to cultivate many different types of plants. Plants with either low, bushy profiles, like herbs or strawberries, or high, vining profiles might thrive there. Typically, many kits are laid end-to-end in a garden, greenhouse, or poly-tunnel to create a layout suitable for growing vines.

easy2grow's two-pot module is incredibly space-efficient, allowing growers to make the most of their limited real estate for years. Because it doesn't need electricity or running water, easy2grow, like all AutoPot Watering Systems, can be set up virtually anyplace. It may be simply expanded to connect multiple kettles to a central water supply. If your plants outgrow their containers, you can simply shift them to a new location.

The easy2grow system is compatible with a broad variety of growing media; for details on recommended substrates, please refer to our growing guides. Because of its low upkeep, dependability, and automation, easy2grow lets gardeners take a break, go on vacation, and still come back to healthy plants and abundant harvests.