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Upgrade your gardening game with Advanced Bloom by Advanced Nutrients. Designed by their Ph.D. plant experts, this next-generation three-part base solution, consisting of pH Perfect® Grow, Micro, and Bloom, is a game-changer for maximizing the potential of your high-value crop.

Here's why Advanced Bloom is a must-have for your hydroponic garden:

  • Maximize Plant Potential: Achieve exceptional growth and bloom with the perfectly balanced micro, secondary, and macronutrient formulation.
  • pH Perfect® Technology: Say goodbye to tedious pH adjustment. The innovative pH Perfect® Technology self-adjusts the pH of your nutrient solution, ensuring optimal nutrient absorption for your plants.

But that's not all. Advanced Bloom goes beyond just providing essential nutrients:

  • Enhanced Nutrient Absorption: The surfactant and chelation properties of the included humic acids in the medium promote optimal nutritional absorption, leading to healthier and more productive plants.
  • Compatibility and Versatility: Advanced Bloom is compatible with a variety of hydroponic growing media and all continuous liquid-feed growing systems. Whether you're using aeroponics, drip irrigation, NFT, flood and drain, or deep water culture, this nutrient solution is suitable for your setup.

Unlike outdated three-part base nutrient lines, Advanced Bloom embraces next-generation technology to ensure your plants receive the nutrients they need without compromising on quality.

With pH Perfect® Grow, Micro, and Bloom, you don't have to switch to a two-part base nutrient system to achieve remarkable results. Feed your plants with confidence and watch them thrive. No more fumbling with pH pens and meters or the need for pH Up and pH Down additives - Advanced Bloom takes care of it all.

Experience the balance-free pH of Advanced Bloom, keeping all the essential micro, macro, and secondary nutrients available to your plants' root zone. This allows for optimal nutrient uptake, resulting in robust floral productivity, regardless of the stage of your crop cycle.

Elevate your gardening potential with Advanced Bloom by Advanced Nutrients. Revolutionize your garden and enjoy heavy yields and abundant flowers with this advanced three-part base nutrient system. Get ready to witness the difference that cutting-edge technology combined with expert formulation can make for your plants.