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Adjust-A-Wing Avenger Reflector Small

Adjust-A-Wing Avenger Reflector Small

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Adjust-A-Wing Avenger Reflector Small

Strong commercial options like the Avenger Reflector are available.

Powder coating in "titanium white," which is resistant to heat, is used for the reflecting surface, which helps disperse the light. To this day, it maintains a reflectance of 92%.

The foundation metal is H18 aluminium alloy (3 percent magnesium) because to its strength and springiness; this allows the reflector to keep its superb parabolic curves despite rigorous handling, which is perfect for the grower in a dynamic environment.

The Avenger is unrivalled in the reflector market. Powder coating in "titanium white," which is resistant to heat, protects the reflector and allows for uniform illumination. Even after all this time, the reflectance is still 92%.

The base metal, H18 aluminium alloy (3% magnesium), is sturdy and springy, so the reflector keeps its beautiful parabolic curves despite rough handling, making it a good choice for a grower working in a space that is constantly being reconfigured.

Dual parabolic mirror reflector light
Super-effective reflector that doubles the power of its competitors.
Strongly reflects light and can withstand moisture and salt spray
Very well-formed and sturdy reflector

Super Spreader does not come with Defender Reflectors.