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Adjust-A-Wing Reflector Defender Medium
Adjust-A-Wing Reflector Defender Medium

Adjust-A-Wing Reflector Defender Medium

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The Defender Reflector is a robust type suitable for commercial use. The reflector's surface is a titanium white, heat-resistant powder finish, which spreads light out evenly and diffusely. Its reflectivity is constant at 92%.

H18 aluminium alloy (3% magnesium) is used as the foundation metal because it is robust yet springy, allowing the reflector to maintain excellent parabolic curves despite harsh handling, which is ideal for the grower working in a constantly shifting grow room.

At its widest point, the overall dimensions are 70 × 55 cm (27.5 x 21.5 inches).
Fits a 400w or 600w bulb well.

Reflector lamp with two parabolic mirrors
Reflectors with double the power and efficiency of comparable models.
Highly reflective, with a 92% resistance to corrosion
Rounded, but sturdy reflector with excellent structural integrity

Note that Super Spreader is not included with Defender Reflectors.