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AC Infinity - Controller 69
AC Infinity - Controller 69
AC Infinity - Controller 69
AC Infinity - Controller 69
AC Infinity - Controller 69
AC Infinity

AC Infinity - Controller 69

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  • A digital controller to equip AC Infinity devices with smart controls to create the optimal environment.
  • Control up to four devices from fans to grow lights and provide each with independent programming.
  • Automate devices to dynamically change speed and brightness in response to temperature and humidity.
  • Additional programming includes grow cycles, scheduling, timers, minimum levels, and custom transitions.
  • Pair with our app via Bluetooth to unlock advance programs, set alarms, notifications, and climate data.

Product Description

A next-gen controller designed to provide AC Infinity devices with smart programming to produce the most optimized environment. This central command unit connects with up to four different devices from fans to lights to provide each with independent climate and time-based programming. The backlit display reads temperature in Fahrenheit or Celsius and can be switched off while programs run in the background. The 12-foot sensor probe with thermal-alloy head accurately detects current temperature and humidity conditions.This product is a part of the UIS platform of grow devices and smart controllers, designed to integrate with each other to achieve your ideal environment.

Intelligent Programming

Connect up to four devices to provide each with shared or independent programming. Go beyond basic on/off triggering by setting dynamic programs that adjust fan speed and light intensity in response to changing temperature and humidity. Set minimum baseline levels that your devices will constantly run at only increasing when triggers are activated. Timer, cycle, and schedule modes add custom on-demand activation for a variety of indoor growing uses. Securely connect with the AC Infinity app via Bluetooth to remotely access your devices, unlock advance programs, set alarms, notifications, view historical charts, and export CSV data.


Includes two adapter dongles to connect with EC-motor fans built with 4-pin Molex connectors. Compatible AC Infinity series devices include:

  • CLOUDLINE Series – Inline Duct Fans
  • AIRLIFT Series – Shutter Exhaust Fans
  • CLOUDRAY Series – Clip-on Circulation Fans
  • CLOUDLIFT Series – Floor Wall Circulation Fans
  • IONGRID Series – Halo LED Grow Lights
  • IONBOARD Series – LED Grow Light Boards