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50L Light-Mix Potting Soil - Biobizz

50L Light-Mix Potting Soil - Biobizz

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What does "Light Mix" mean 

It's perfect for germinations, cuttings, and all stages of seedling development.

It is organic catalysts that speed up root structure creation when water interacts with soil. Automated watering systems need a precise mix of Light Mix® to guarantee that water drains properly.

With this, what can I do?

You don't have to be afraid about overloading the soil and producing nutrient burn, which results in yellowing and crispy, burned tips on the leaves when using this soil.. A lack of adequate water penetration would otherwise result in a moist and mouldy substrate.

The results of the pH and EC tests are provided here below.

Mineral salts like magnesium or sulphates, which are typically included in synthetic fertiliser products like Biobizz®, are not present in our products. As a result, Light Mix EC ® has a modest market value. Organic chemicals have a self-regulatory system that assists in pH management, despite the fact that they cannot be measured.