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More Info On CocoMix?

The Biobizz® CocoMix, which is perhaps the greatest, 100% organic coco coir product out there, is not chocolate bars. Waste from the coconut industry is used to make this product, which has shown to be an excellent medium for growing plants in. Coco coir must first be degraded over a long period of time to weaken the tough fibres before they can be used as a substrate. CocoMix is then rinsed in clear water, dried, and shredded to produce a light and airy product that has a low pH of 5 or 6 and very little moisture.

How do I put it to use?

For hydroponic crops of all types, Coco-Mixworks is an excellent substitute for rock wool in pots. Plugs of Coco-Mix can be used to fill tiny pots. Aeration may be improved by mixing it with your typical A+B range of nutrients and using it to refresh All-Mix or other soil combinations. RootJuice, TopMax, and BioHeaven are just a few of the Biobizz® products that can help improve the quality and productivity of your plants.

The following are a few of our exclusive tips and tricks:

For growing on Coco-Mix, you'll need Acti-Vera (or similar enzyme product) and a trustworthy pH metre. Your success or failure will be determined by your performance in this area. Biobizz's heavier products, such as Bio-grow and Fish-Mix, will be easily digested thanks to Acti-enzymatic Vera's impact on organic material.
Secondly, adhere to our Light-Mix schedule's recommended doses.
The pH of the solution must be adjusted. When growing in soil, the substrate buffers and adjusts the pH, but this isn't the case with Coco-Mix. It is recommended that the pH level be maintained at 6,1 during the vegetative stage and 6,3-6,4 during flowering. In place of chemicals, use apple vinegar or citric acid. Use Acti-Vera or an enzyme product as a starting point for your treatment plan. Every time you water, use it. A dosage of 1-2 mg/L throughout the growth phase and 2-5 mg/L at blooming is recommended when using Acti-Vera. Alternatively, add 1-1,5ml/l of an enzyme product to the solution.
5. Worm-humus (10%) and Mycorrhizae or Trichoderma in the Coco-Mix can be added if desired.
Six. Mixing Coco-Mix 50/50 with Light-Mix for beginners is a good idea. The pH adjustment will be more flexible, and Acti-Vera (or other enzyme product) will be unnecessary.