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Find out how to hasten the decomposition of rotting roots to save costs and boost harvests.

You may improve your garden's yield by providing your plants with a root zone abundant in active enzymes that decompose waste and increase nutrient absorption.

Obviously, your garden would benefit from an enzyme formula that decomposes organic matter in the root zone and recycles the nutrients for your plants.

This is what's really happening behind the scenes...

Composting at the root zone may be used to convert plant waste into useful nutrients.
To begin, you may utilise the information that enzymes are chemicals that break down other molecules to improve your growth and yields.

If you were to grow your plants outside in the best possible soil, the roots would be surrounded by billions of helpful bacteria that make enzymes.

These enzymes are always at work decomposing dead roots, other organic debris, and wasting nutrients. In this way, they are transformed into elements that your plants may use as fuel, resulting in increased growth and yield.

The number of enzymes in the root zone is a major factor in why plants grown in the wild are able to reach such impressive sizes and yields.

In spite of this, not just any enzymes will do. In order to get the job done, your root zone needs the strongest enzymes available.

Among the most useful enzymes are chitinases, proteases, hydrolases, glucanases, and cellulases.

By injecting healthy, active, concentrated dosages of these enzymes into the root zone, you may create the potent enzymatic environment your roots demand.

Enzymes are simultaneously transforming garbage into plant nourishment.

What you need, and nothing more, is included in an enzyme recipe.


Let's have a look at how to create a formula with the proper enzyme combinations that will work in your hydroponics setup.

Since many hydroponics businesses adopt shortcuts that waste enzymes, the benefits of using them are diminished. Instead of using the particular sorts and ratios of enzymes that have been shown to operate hardest and quickest in your root zone, some companies outsource their production so they don't know what's in their enzyme products.

If you want to provide gardeners a guaranteed efficient enzyme mix, you need enzymes that have been carefully extracted in specialised bioengineering facilities.

Researchers here cultivate vast numbers of beneficial soil microorganisms (the ones that produce your plants' necessary enzymes) and ferment them to extract high enzyme concentrations.

Next, the enzymes are tested both alone and in mixtures to determine which ones are most stable, effective, and long-lasting in the root zone.

Researchers have found that not all enzymes play along together, and some can't even be kept active in solution for very long. They also determine the optimal pH and liquid viscosity for extending the enzyme's bioactivity.

Of course, there are more aspects to think about. Scientists at Advanced Nutrients are aware of the exact pH and temperature of the nutrition water in your hydroponic garden. They calibrate the pH and temperature of your environment to guarantee that Sensizym® enzymes perform to their full capacity.

Important beneficial microorganisms in your root zone work together with Sensizym enzymes to create a virtuous cycle.

For instance, the enzymes in Sensizym may convert decaying organic matter into sugars that beneficial microbes can subsequently ingest and use to make more enzymes.

The price of Rockwool, Coco, or any other material used in the root zone, may now be reduced.
When you put it all together, you have an easy way to strengthen your roots, increase nutrient availability, stimulate flower development, and decompose organic matter in the soil around your plants' base.

Growers have uncovered an unusual fact about Sensizym as you get ready to buy some of the 100% organic variety that offers all of these advantages to your yard.

Expert gardeners and plant scientists have verified to Advanced Nutrients that Sensizym performs such a good job digesting root zone detritus that you may reuse root zone media such as rockwool and coco coir.

You will save both time and money by reducing the frequency with which you must replenish the root zone. We don't have to go out and purchase it and then pre-treat it as often. Additionally, you won't have to throw it out as often.

Invest in Sensizym, and your plants' root zones will flourish, allowing them to mature rapidly and produce fruit in plenty.

Sensizym is the only firm with such a wide variety of bioactive, concentrated enzymes that have been discovered to be great for your root z when you go to the shop to get your enzyme formula.