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Sensi Coco Bloom A+B— Increase the Benefits of Coco Coir With This Simple Trick
You've made a wise decision if you're cultivating using coco coir.

It is reusable and has great water retention as well as antifungal qualities.
It's simple to automate and scale in grows of any size, making it a popular choice for producers from single plants all the way up to publicly listed giants' gigantic facilities.
It's also the most ecologically friendly alternative.

Even with these established advantages, you need be wary of...

The Hidden Risks of Coco Coir Production

Because here's the deal...

Growing on coco coir increases the possibility of nutrient imbalances, which can wreak havoc on your crops.

Perhaps you've already experienced some typical issues. These difficulties can be overcome even by a master grower.

To begin, it is widely known that calcium and magnesium naturally bond to coco coir.
When this occurs, nutrient leaching deprives your plants of critical nutrients required for robust development.
Furthermore, depending on how your coco was processed, some gardeners may have to be concerned with coco coir's high potassium levels potentially damaging their crops.
To make matters worse, many fertilisers fail to conduct the necessary research to make one critical element readily available to your plants. (More on it later.)
So, where does this all leave you?

Instead of leveraging the many benefits of coir, you're trying to fix harmful imbalances that might lead to...
Potassium excess will harm your plants
Key nutrient availability is poor, reducing output potential at peak flowering.
That's correct. In the most extreme circumstances, your plants may be killed, resulting in crop loss.

However, you are not required to take these risks.
Not if you know how to avoid nutritional lockout...

What EVERY Coco Coir Grower Should Be Aware Of

The first step in preventing your plants from nutrient leakage while growing on coir is to optimise your calcium and magnesium ratios.

What many growers don't comprehend is...

...there's a fourth component that's crucial to your success.
That component is...
...high-quality chelated iron – an important component of the jigsaw and THE MISSING LINK in maintaining your coco coir production.
After our team of Ph.D.  scientists made this finding, we saw substantial progress in preventing nutrient lockout.

The writing was clearly on the wall...

To be considered high-quality, a coco-specific base nutrient MUST have chelated forms of calcium, magnesium, and iron in the proper proportions and in appropriate ratios to other elements, which function as catalysts for their absorption.
Otherwise, you risk wasting a lot of money and effort while harvesting less flower weight than you might... If you had just contributed one easy piece of the puzzle.
After you've determined the optimal ratios of these three nutrients, you must...
Avoid Potassium Overload in Your Crop
Because, you know...
In addition to fine-tuning calcium, magnesium, and iron levels...
You must avoid giving them too much potassium.
Otherwise, potassium poisoning might derail your crops, leading them to produce considerably less buds, suffer from health problems, and, in the worst-case scenario, perish.

To ensure that these four nutrients are appropriately balanced, you might...

As a messy bandaid for plants' nutritional requirements, invest in a cal-mag addition on top of a non-coco basis.

Rely on iron-free generic fertilisers and leave nutrient absorption to chance...

Alternatively, you may simply...

Feed Your Crops pH Perfect® Sensi Coco Grow A+B and pH Perfect® Sensi Coco Bloom A+B

... An exclusive line that has the optimal quantities of potassium, iron, calcium, and magnesium that your plants require to grow in coco coir.

Thousands of coco coir producers, in fact, rely on this superior two-part base nutrient solution to optimise their production technique.

And now you can, too...

Boost Your Coco Coir Harvest with ZERO Hassle.

Your crops will benefit from Advanced Nutrients pH Perfect Sensi Coco Grow A&B and pH Perfect Sensi Coco Bloom A&B.

Enjoy perfect calcium, magnesium, and iron balances to prevent nutritional lockout.

Thrive with optimal potassium levels without getting poisonous

Take in the highest-quality chelated ingredients.

With our exclusive pH Perfect® Technology, you may enjoy a balanced pH throughout the crop cycle.

Simply put, our experts have unlocked the code for designing basic nutrients that are completely compatible with coco coir. you may concentrate on your main goal: developing luscious, powerful buds.

When you apply these two-part base nutrient systems, you'll reap the benefits that drew you to coco coir in the first place...

Strong root development

Retention of moisture

Abiotic stress resistance

Most significantly...

You'll never have to worry about nutrient lockout destroying your crops again.