Revive - Advanced Nutrients

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How to use
Advanced nutrients  Regardless of the substrate or growing medium, Revive may be used effectively on plants. Just prepare your feed or nutrient solution as normal to the desired strength, then add 5ml of Revive per litre of solution to help your stressed plants recover. Starting with a rooted cutting and continuing until harvest, you may use Revive (1ml/Litre) to assist prevent stress. If you want a fast-acting foliar spray, you may combine Revive with water at a rate of 1ml/Litre, shake the solution vigorously, and then spray the tops and bottoms of all of your leaves. Avoid spraying during periods of bright sunlight.

Always dilute concentrated nutrients, boosters, and additives before using them together (i.e. straight from the bottle). Always thoroughly mix the solution after adding each nutrient, booster, or addition to the reservoir water or feed water in order.

To alleviate stress, use 5ml/L of Advanced Nutrients' Revive root feed.

An anti-stress dose of Advanced Nutrients' Revive root feed: 1ml/Litre

Foliar feed with Advanced Nutrients - Revive at 3 ml/L.

Revive NPK (1.5-0-0) from Advanced Nutrients
What is it?
Use revive, After your plants have been under stress from things like overwatering, underwatering, illness, or pests, apply Revive to help them bounce back. When the cause of the stress has been removed, plants may benefit from a revive treatment that includes a blend of chelated nutrients that are readily absorbed and used by the plant. Using Revive may drastically reduce the time needed to get your plants growing aggressively again.