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A full foundation nutrient for recirculating systems, House and Garden Aqua Flakes is formulated in the United States. Recirculating hydroponic culture in expanded clay, rockwool and growstone might benefit from House & Garden Aqua Flakes.

To ensure quick uptake of nutrients via fertigation, this liquid concentrate's composition is special. Allows for a properly balanced combination of nutrients for optimal, medical-grade growing according to H&G's formula and blending process What's the end result? Improved nutrient uptake, faster plant development, and stable EC levels are all a result of better pH equilibrium.

In order to ensure rapid uptake and complete nutrient for the plant's life cycle, Aqua Flakes contain all macro and trace elements in absorbable forms. Both vegetative and flowering (generative) stages of plant growth can benefit from Aqua Flakes.

A quick rinse before planting is all that's required for House & Garden's Aqua Flakes to deliver optimal nutriment in recirculating rockwool. In run-to-waste hydroponic systems, House & Garden Hydro A/B is still recommended. Hydro A/B is specifically made for all kinds of hydroponic systems that use run-to-waste water.

The Dutch developed House & Garden Aqua Flakes as a superior foundation nutrient for use in all types of recirculating hydroponic systems, including those used in greenhouses (e.g. nft, flood and drain). You can rest assured that this is a high-quality product because it contains all of the essential nutrients a plant need.

-Base fertiliser for hydroponic systems that use recirculation.

-House & Garden, a leading Dutch company, was responsible for the design and development.

-Extremely adaptable - can be used during both the growth and bloom phases of a plant's life cycle

-House & Garden boosters and additives are compatible with this product.

-With no distinct grow and bloom formulations, this product is simple to use. During the course of your plant's development

-Many satisfied customers recommend House & Garden Nutrients as an excellent choice.

How House & Garden Aqua Flakes A&B works:
Hydroponic recirculating systems employ House & Garden Aqua Flakes A&B as its primary nutrient. Aqua Flakes A&B is a complete plant food that provides the essential nutrients plants need to thrive in both the vegetative and blooming stages of their development.
Your hydroponic system reservoir should be filled with water and you should add equal amounts of House & Garden Aqua Flakes Part A and Part B to the tank to obtain the desired strength. Then, mix thoroughly. It is suggested that this product be measured with a syringe or beaker, and the TDS be checked with a CF/EC/PPM metre, such as the Bluelab Truncheon (nutrient strength).
Make necessary alterations. Mix in any additional ingredients or boosters you intend to use. Using pH up or down, adjust the solution's pH to the desired level. Set the pH level precisely with a pH metre like the Horticare pH metre, which you should utilise.
Do not come into touch with your skin or eyes when using any type of supplement, additive, or pH-adjustment product. Temperatures between 7C and 30C are ideal for storing.
Equal amounts of each component of a two-part nutrient are required for optimal results. Only using A or B, or employing them in unequal amounts, will lead to an unbalanced nutritional solution. Deficiencies will very probably result from this.
Never combine concentrated forms of nutrition, boosters, or additives (i.e. straight out of the bottle). Add each nutrient, booster, or additive to your reservoir or feed water one at a time, stirring well after each addition to ensure that it is fully incorporated.
If your plant isn't in optimum health, the manufacturer's advised dosage isn't going to help you. A lower dosage rate is required for plants that are slower to grow or that are not in perfect health.
If you want the best for your plants, choose House & Garden Aqua Flakes. When used with the House & Garden line of additives and boosters, outstanding results are guaranteed.