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Rubber air curtains are adaptable, so they can be used with a wide variety of reservoir sizes.
There are lots of little bubbles since the rubber is porous.
A device that agitates and aerates your nutrition solution
Increased plant growth and stronger roots are the results of using an oxygenated nutrition solution.
You may buy an air compressor and a hose independently.
Sizes available: 12, 24, and 36 inches

Using an air curtain, you can ensure that your nutrient solution is always well-oxygenated. Great for the bottom of reservoirs, this air curtain can be curved to go around corners in a square tank or make a complete circle in a cylinder tank.

The very bendable air curtain is a three-size range of porous rubber tubing. An inlet nodule at one end facilitates the linking of the air curtain to a compressor through a hose. Once attached to a source of compressed air, the air curtain's porous rubber construction ensures that the air is released in all directions. By submerging the air curtain in water or a nutrient solution, many tiny bubbles are created and expelled from the surface of the unique rubber.

The movement of the bubbles ensures that the water or nutrient solution remains thoroughly mixed. Likewise, the oxygen dissolving into it is substantially amplified by the activity near the surface. It is the anaerobic microorganisms, which can cause root diseases, that are most effectively combated by a steady supply of dissolved oxygen, which also benefits the aerobic microbes that are generally beneficial. By supplying oxygen to the roots, an airstone or air curtain can help your plant thrive. When you put an airstone or air curtain in your reservoir, it helps the plant's roots grow faster and stronger. Most hydroponic setups would benefit greatly from the addition of an airstone or air curtain.