Cyco Platinum Series - Silica

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For Strengthening the Plant's Entire Structure.

Cell walls are made stronger by Cyco Silica, which helps plants become more robust. When each cell in a plant is given the attention it needs, the entire plant benefits. For example, expect thicker stems, harder branches, and shinier leaves as a result of using this method. You'll find that pests, illnesses, and pathogens will be less likely to attack your plants as a result.

Enhances the health of each cell.
Allows plants to withstand heavy loads.
Aids in the fight against heat exhaustion
The aids in the reproduction of cells.
Potassium silicate in its purest form
Controls plant transpiration rates by reducing water loss.

1 ml up to 2 ml per litre

Does the job regardless of the medium or system being used
What is the mechanism of action of Cyco Silica?
This additive is an excellent example of Cyco's commitment to provide only the purest, most refined additives.

Since the Silicic Acid in this silicon is in its purest form, it can be used by plants, it stays in solution and gets to where it is needed quickly. Cyco Silica is the most soluble and bioavailable type of silicon for your garden, making it easier to adjust the pH of your soil.