Cyco Platinum Series - Bloom A & B

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Potassium in Cyco Bloom A and B helps fruit quality, calcium helps nutrients get to and stay in the plant, and magnesium helps with plant enzymes that are essential to growth.

There are many factors that work together to produce the finest quality fruits and flowers, and Cyco Platinum Bloom A & B is no exception. Over the course of 28 years in the industry, Cyco platinum has developed a product line that is focused on quality.

To prevent nutrients from building up in plants and resulting in overfeeding, their product line is a component system, like those offered by Advanced Nutrients and Humboldt Nutrients.

For the duration of the bloom cycle, Cyco Bloom A and B feed at a rate of 3ml /Litre.

Keep in mind that when making your nutrient solution, you don't want to combine them in their concentrated form. Before adding the next part to the mix, thoroughly mix the components of your nutrient schedule in your tank.

Please note that this product is sold as a two-part A and B formula, and both parts A and B must be used in equal amounts. Unbalanced nutrient mixtures can be created by using varying amounts of each ingredient. Your plants will become nutrient deficient as a result of this.