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CANNA Coco Natural is a natural coconut-based plant medium that offers gardeners and their plants superior advantages over other substrates.

CANNA Coco Natural is an organic product that is very lightly buffered and free of harmful viruses and soil diseases.
CANNA Coco Natural has an excellent water/air system that provides ideal conditions for this method of cultivation.
CANNA Coco Natural can be used several times.

CANNA Coco Natural = Quality

CANNA Coco Natural is made in the same way as CANNA Coco Professional Plus. CANNA Coco Natural consists of 100% coconut flakes produced in India when processing coconuts. The manufacturing process is subject to strict quality control, so we can guarantee the quality of this product.

Less buffering means more control
The dampening of CANNA Coco Natural is not as strong as CANNA Coco Professional Plus. This means more control over the buffering process and more influence on plant growth and flowering. If you want this Coco to be pre-buffered to the same level as the premium version, consider CANNA COGr Buffer Agent Worth doing.

Thanks to the slight buffering and slight pre-soak, this product is much lighter. This means less water in the bag. The product weighs 11-12 kg and is easy to carry. Just soak a little more water in the grow room.

All in all, a very reliable product. Not as easy to use as CANNA Coco Professional Plus. Which one you prefer is up to you!

Please see Canna Coco Feed Chart Here.