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Vents TT Mixflow & Speed Control Fan 150mm 520m3/h

Vents TT Mixflow & Speed Control Fan 150mm 520m3/h

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Vents TT Mixflow & Speed Control Fan 150mm

TT Mixed Flow Fans with speed and temp control. Cost effective yet still maintaining a high level of performance. Now with built-in speed and temperature control.

Built-in speed control knob.

Built-in temperature control knob.

4m long temperature probe for accurate temperature reading of your grow room.

Fan temp control can be used to reduce airflow fan speed to minimum after your grow lights have switched off.

Greatly improves control over your grow room ventilation.

Long life ball bearing motors and thermal protection to prevent motor burnout.

Mixed flow technology for extra pressure development and longer duct runs.

Built-in mounting foot for easy fixing.

Cable and UK 13amp plug & supplied; plug ad play!

Compatible with our Hydroponics Carbon Filters.

PLEASE NOTE: This fan is not to used in conjunction with any external fan speed/temperature controller.