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Balancers of Acidity and Alkalinity Highest-Quality Controlled pH Maintenance A perfect pH does not exist. Every fixed pH represents a trade-off, with high values facilitating cation uptake and low ones facilitating anion uptake. Standard advice suggests a pH between 5.5 and 6.5 is safe. If you ask us, the optimal range is between 5.5 and 6.2. Hydroponic, coco, and soil growers can all benefit from GHE pH Down, a premium pH buffering and control solution. While GHE pH Down is not an ordinary acid, it does help maintain the integrity of nutritional solutions. To create GHE pH Down, we combined three acids that are often used separately in hydroponics, so you may reap the benefits of all three without any of the drawbacks. Nitric and phosphoric acids are used in GHE pH Down to do the initial heavy lifting of adjusting your water pH, and the combination of the two ensures that your N/K ratios remain stable throughout grow and bloom, without leaving any residue on the surface of your tank like they would if you used phosphoric acid alone, especially in hard water areas. After some time, organic citric acid takes over to buffer pH variations, making your nutrient solution more stable and assisting with calcium excesses in hard water regions, thanks to its unique properties.