StreetLight 1000W DE Light Kit

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There's nothing quite like the growing power of a Pro 400 volt HPS Grow Light. They produce more light and a superior spectrum to really deliver the goods. This Street Light 1000 Watt / 400 Volt DE Fixture has a highly engineered reflector that makes the most of all the light that the lamp emits. The Street Light has the performance and a build quality that rivals other top manufacturer's grow lights which have a much heavier price tag. 

  • Street Light - the new top name in value-for-money grow lighting
  • All-in-one fixture - includes ballast, reflector and Double-Ended (DE) lamp
  • 400 Volt DE technology delivers superb light output and a fantastic spectrum
  • Highly efficient reflector design to make the most of the light output from the lamp
  • Features 4 output settings - 600w, 750w, 1000w, 1150w
  • No need to replace the lamp for a full year
  • Highly reflective German aluminium shade
  • 3 Metre Power Cord
  • Control up to 100 units with the Street Light Controller for automatic temperature controlled dimming 


1 x Street Light 1000w / 400v DE Full Fixture (comprises reflector, integrated ballast, DE lamp, power cord, RJ11 lead for daisy-chaining to controller).


How the Street Light 1000w / 400v DE Full Fixture Works

400 Volt HPS technology has been around for a while now and has gained huge popularity among commercial and hobby growers alike. It offers more light output per watt and a better light spectrum than standard 230v systems.
The Street Light 1000w DE grow light boasts a build quality and performance that matches much more expensive units on the market. The reflector has been designed to produce a very even footprint.

The Street Light ballast has 4 output settings - 600w, 750w, 1000w, and 1150w (boost). This means you can turn the power down so that the fixture produces less heat on those hot days. The 1150w boost setting allows you to get the most out of ageing lamps.

The light spectrum output of the Street Light 1000w / 400v DE grow light:

  • Developed to provide optimum spectral energy for indoor horticulture
  • Optimised Spectrum
  • Promotes vigorous and healthy growth
  • Reliable operation throughout the growth cycle
  • Enhanced green and blue for more natural growth
  • Ultra high output
  • Long life : 90% at 10,000 hours
  • Peaks in the red spectrum to stimulate metabolic activity in flowering