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Sonos+ Acoustic Ducting

Sonos+ Acoustic Ducting

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SONO ducting (Silent Insulated Flexible Duct) is a fully flexible thermally and acoustic insulated ducting. The vapour barrier prevents condensation forming on the outside of duct carrying air at lower temperatures than the surrounding air. The SONO ducting range has been developed to reduce cross talk and noise generated by inner duct components.

SONO ducting has been constructed using a microperforated ALU+ , INNERDUCT, 25 mm thick fibreglass insulation and a vapour barrier JACKET+ or one of the types of ALU+.

SONO Advantages:

  • Can be easily cut at the required length and taped at both sides (sound attenuator).
  • Supplied in standard 5 & 10 metre lengths, compressed to 1-1.2 metre. Diameter.available from 4″ ~12″ ( 100mm ~ 300mm)
  • Individually boxed.
  • Low costs on transport and logistic.
  • Easy to install over either round or oval ducting.
  • No special tools required for cutting or fixing.
  • In cases of a fire no toxic gases are emitted.
  • The products have been tested on fire resistance