Snoops Nutrients - Grow (Coming Soon)
Snoops Nutrients - Grow (Coming Soon)
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Snoops Nutrients - Grow (Coming Soon)

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To reach their full potential, plants in the growth phase require a balanced intake of cations and anions. SNOOP’S PREMIUM GROW has been specifically formulated to provide your plants with the ideal proportion of nutrients for the growth phase increasing your crop’s ability to grow strong and lush. Providing your plants with proper nutrition assists them in reaching their full potential. Now your crops can achieve PREMIUM Growth.

During the growing phase a plant needs and will take in equal amounts of anions and cations.
To take in a negative ion a plant has to release an electron (−). This electron when released into water is negative load creating a hydroxide (OH−) particle. This

OH− particle will bring the pH up in the root zone/substrate.

The anion mainly responsible for this  reaction is NO−3.

To take in a positive ion a plant has to release a proton (+). This proton when released into water will add a positive load creating a H+ particle. This H+ particle will bring the pH down in the root zone/substrate.  The cations mainly responsible for this reaction are Calcium (Ca2+) and Magnesium (Mg2+).

When your using SNOOP’S PREMIUM GROW a plants uptake of the negative and positive ions in the grow phase are balanced. This regulates the internal pH of the substrate as well as the pH levels you choose to feed with from your feed tank and thus keeping the pH in a range which allows the elements to be taken by the plant.

Please See Snoop Dogg’s Feed Chart.