Size 4 - Gram 62% 2 Way Humidity Control

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Size 2 Gram - Two-Way Humidity Control 62%the Boveda brandSize (W x L x H): 13 x 17.5 x 2 cm; Weight (2250g)For a long time, Boveda's mainstay for maintaining its stock of dry herb and other commodities was the largest and most popular size (60 grammes).

Three to four packs are often used for workplace management. This 320-gram pouch represents a consolidation of many smaller components into a single, more efficient whole. In addition to the pocket lasting up to six times as long as previous Boveda packs, Boveda also lasts six times as long as the conventional glycerin and water humidity control solutions, so you know you're getting your money's worth.

Boveda's Mode of Action:Thrichome and terpene retention thanks to shield technologyBoveda uses a salt and water solution to release water vapour molecules that build a monolayer barrier around your herb's trichomes, protecting its essential components. As an added bonus, Boveda packs adjust the RH to ideal values and keep it there via a steady feedback loop.Herb that has been overdried suffers from diminished quality and effectiveness, and high humidity is the source of many harmful moulds, therefore maintaining an appropriate relative humidity level is crucial.When compared to competing products, Boveda's humidification is unparalleled in its purity. Research shows that one Boveda pack is equivalent to the performance of six standard humidity packs comprised of water and glycerin, making it a more cost-effective option. Even worse, they provide no defence against the trichome's contents, such as the terpenes.Boveda's innovative vapour-phase Reverse Osmosis membrane protects the saline solution. Boveda uses the extra salt in the packing to maintain a steady relative humidity (RH) for the herbs. The sachet's humidity is controlled by releasing or drawing in water vapour, so the salt-to-water ratio shifts as the salt transforms from a solid as it absorbs more water. More water being released causes the salt to re-crystallize; water vapour is basically the only ingredient that penetrates the impermeable membrane and acts as a barrier to trichomes and terpenes. You may be certain that your goods will not be tainted by the presence of salt since it will never come into touch with the herbs. Simply put, once your Terps are gone, they're gone forever, so don't wait any longer to get the Boveda humidity control you need from us.This 62% level is ideal for drier areas and higher elevations, and it was developed specifically for retaining stickier plants. We anticipate this group will become the new norm for 2-way moisture management in enclosed environments, offering manufacturers less assistance than in the past. If all else is equal, the 320 gramme pocket is made for organs. A variety of 320 gramme packets may be stored in large containers. Studies have shown that using Boveda results in a 15% increase in terpene retention, making it the only humidity management product on the market that protects and preserves your trichomes and terpenes