Size 3 - 62% 2 Way Humidity Control

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Medium 3 - 62% Manufacturer of Two-Way Humidity-Controlling Products Boveda
Measures 13" x 9" x 6mm and can withstand up to 450g of pressure.

Size 3 is the second largest of our two-way humidity control systems and can hold up to 6 grams of herb or other commodities.

The retention of trichomes and terpenes by shield technology

Boveda is effective because it employs a saline mixture that emits a water vapour layer, which acts as a protection for the herb's vital components. Testing shows that this can preserve up to 15% more terpenes than the same samples not treated with Boveda's technique. And Boveda packs monitor the humidity level in your storage container continuously to maintain the ideal relative humidity (RH) values.

Minimum Relative Humidity Lvles = Mold Growth

An overabundance of humidity can lead to the growth of moulds like PM, and herbs that have been dried for too long tend to be of lower quality and efficacy. Boveda's humidity is the cleanest on the market because of their simple ingredients and cutting-edge technology. They are also the most cost-effective option, with their performance being improved by at least a factor of six compared to that of the competition, which uses water and glycerin in their production process. As a result, your terpenes/essential oils won't be preserved and your thrichomes won't be protected because they don't produce a monolayer shield from the water vapour.

Boveda is able to maintain your herbs at a consistent RH thanks to the salt in the package. Salt turns from a solid as it absorbs more water in the package, so the salt-to-water ratio shifts as necessary to maintain a constant humidity level as water vapour is emitted or absorbed into the sachet. It is only water vapour that can penetrate the impermeable membrane, which acts as a barrier against trichomes and terpenes. Your herbs will remain completely protected from the harmful effects of salt. It's true that you can recover from losing your Terps, but you can never get them back, so don't wait to order your Boveda humidity control from us.

The 62 percent range is ideal for keeping tackier herbs alive in dry regions and at higher altitudes.

Humidity packs, 60 grammes, 62% RH, for use in C Vault steel storage systems, humidors, and other storage solutions.

The Boveda humidity pack uses unique 2-way humidity management technology to neutralise moisture fluctuations and normalise the environment inside the container, preserving the potency of your herbs by minimising the loss of oils and other active components due to evaporation.