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Improve Yield (#), Crop Value ($) and Quality (%) with the Best Fulvic Acid Supplements
Fulvic acid is known to be good for plants. It is a natural chelating agent that improves nutrient absorption in the root zone. Within the plant, it acts as a "nutrition shuttle", allowing nutrients to piggyback around the plant where they are needed. All benefits are maximized. It helps the plants move excess nutrients and waste products out of the plant while flushing. How New Millennium Ruby Full#$% Works
High quality fulvic acid can make a big difference for your plants. Fulvic acid is one of the natural chelating agents that greatly enhances the uptake and transport of nutrients to plants. Better nutrient uptake and distribution within plants result in higher yields, higher value plants, and improved quality.

Fulvic acid is purified from humic acid, or humic acid, found naturally in soils and abundant leonardite rocks around the world. I'm here. Fulvic acid is the short chain of this molecule and is described as having a relatively low molecular weight. New Millenium Ruby Ful#$% contains only the highest quality fulvic acid.

Ruby Ful#$% is officially registered as a "molybdenum fertilizer". Molybdenum is a micronutrient, but it is essential for many functions in plants, especially the activity of enzymes that break down nitrogen compounds such as ammonium. Without molybdenum, plants suffer from a deficiency similar to nitrogen deficiency. New Millenium Ruby Ful#$% ensures molybdenum deficiency will never be a problem.