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Rhino Acoustic Ducting

Rhino Acoustic Ducting

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Rhino Acoustic Ducting is triple layered with insulation in the middle; this is the perfect ducting where noise is an issue.

With excellent sound insulation properties, it dramatically reduces fan noise and the sound of air travelling through the ducting, so if you’re using standard aluminium ducting and noise is an issue why not try the acoustic ducting for improved noise reduction.

 If your fan is particularly noisy and vibrates a lot, why not try suspend it using a bungee and/or consider buying a silenced fan. 

Rhino Acoustic Ducting is available in the following diameters –

  • 102mm – 4″
  • 127mm – 5″
  • 152mm – 6″
  • 203mm – 8″
  • 254mm – 10″
  • 317mm – 12″