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Canna pH- organo acid
Canna pH- organo acid

Canna pH- organo acid

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CANNA Organic pH- is a high-quality supplement designed to reduce pH levels during the vegetative and blooming stages of the plant. The adjuster is made up of 50% citric acid, which is ideal for organic gardening. The product encourages the growth of good bacteria, which protect your plants and help them absorb more nutrients. Growers utilise the chemical to produce high-quality crops with large yields.


Organic pH Down from CANNA is a high-performance additive.
The formula reduces the pH level;
Citric acid (50%) is present in the product.
It's designed for both the vegetative and blooming stages.
It's perfect for growing organically.

pH Down is a highly concentrated solution manufactured to the highest quality standards by CANNA.
The CANNA Organic pH- formula is a concentrated formula that lowers the pH level. You must maintain a pH range of 5.6 to 6.2 while growing crops in hydroponic systems.

How to Make Use of

In 1L of water, dilute 0.2ml of the formula. Stir thoroughly, then take a pH reading. Rep till you achieve the desired level of acidity. Mixing the recipe with pure fertilisers is not a good idea. Keep the goods in a secure and secured location. When working with the formula, wear protective gloves.