Optic Foliar Overgrow

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Fight deficiencies, Pests and moulds all in one bottle.
Reduces stress while increasing health and vigour
No need to pH – Ready to use spray.
Works alongside any nutrient regime.
Spray when lights are ON
Only need to spray the topside of leaves
No negative side effects.

Overgrow is a ready-to-use formulation with 4 of Optic Foliar’s top products; Rev, Watts, Atak and transport, mixed in the perfect ratio to deliver all their benefits to plants in a trouble-free application spray.

The high p.H of the solution in turn increases the p.H of the leaf surface, creating conditions where moulds cannot take hold.


REV is a special formulation to provide extra nutrition to feed the increased metabolism of plants brought about by the other products in overgrow.

It’s a blend of micronutrients, organic vitamins, amino acids, as well as carbohydrate sugars, providing the elemental building blocks for profuse growth culminating in amazing end results.


Watts will dramatically increase growth rates by pushing the processes concerned with photosynthesis.

You’ll get healthier, bushier plants due to the increased photosynthesis that also increase nutrient uptake.


ATAK prevents and combats powdery mildew as well as promoting plant health.

Healthy plants are a lot less likely to contract disease in the first place if their immune systems are functioning properly.


Optic Foliar’s Transport is a spreading and wetting agent that evenly coats and sticks to leaf surfaces.

It’s been specifically designed to deliver spray solution into mesophyll layer of leaves – inside the leaf surface where the chloroplasts are. Transport enables overgrow to be used during lights on due to the speed the solution is absorbed.

You’ll also only need to spray the topside of leaves since transport carries your spray inside the leaf so you won’t have to spray the underside.

We’ve been really impressed with the results of overgrow – you can see its effect in a treated room in only 5 – 10 minutes after application, you can see leaves physically pointing upwards towards the light source, showing their capability to process more light through photosynthesis.


How to use:

Spray when lights are on – overgrow is taken up by the plant fast enough that there’s no chance of burns from droplets as other sprays may cause - Overgrow is the only product the manufacturers recommend to use during lights on!

Be careful not to spray bulbs, reflectors or any electrical grow room equipment.

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