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ONA - Liquid 1L

ONA - Liquid 1L

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Fresh Linen, Tropics, Apple Crumble, Polar Crystal, Pro & (Fruit Fusion - New Limited Edition)
A sweet-smelling, commercial, odour busting liquid that rapidly neutralises grow room stench. ONA products are based on proprietary formulas and recipes that have been used successfully for twenty-five years. 
These complex chemical constructions use various, food safe formulations, to capture odorous compounds and safely dispose of them. Effectively dealing with all organic and inorganic contaminates. 
ONA works using three approaches. Adsorption, absorption and chemical reaction. These mechanisms of action will, adsorb or capture and suppress gaseous compounds. Absorb, connect and fix to them to prevent transmission. Finally, chemical reaction, which permanently bonds and transforms pollutants to basic properties making air born odour simply disappear.
ONA Liquid Refill can be used to regenerate depleted ONA Gel tubs, replenish products such as Breeze Fans or Misting Dome as well as refill most diffusers.
  • Originally developed for heavy industrial applications
  • Permanently eliminates odorous compounds
  • Attacks and resolves all odour regardless of source for zero odour impact