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Nutriculture Flo-Gro Dripper System

Nutriculture Flo-Gro Dripper System

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The Flo Gro is a top flooding Ebb & Flood System that uses a timer to control the number of floods the plant receives per day. Plants sit in a planter, filled with clay pebbles, placed over a nutrient solution tank. Solution is automatically pumped from the tank to FLOOD the planter and then EBBs (drains) away. Plants receive all the nutrients they need as well as large amounts of oxygen that is pulled into the root zone as the system drains. When used with clay pebbles the Flo Gro creates an incredibly healthy, oxygenated root zone thanks to the free draining medium. Perfect for long and short term plants.

Free draining highly oxygenated root zone. No nutrient build up or water logging

Greater uptake of water and nutrient than with hand watering

Reduced chance of over or under-watering as plants are fed little or often.

Healthiest root zone possible – Get the optimum yield from large plants or keep plants in a vegetative stage long term.

Practical – Easy access to pump and reservoir. No need to remove planter to top up nutrient solution.

Adjustable – provide the perfect conditions for a plant throughout its lifecycle by altering the frequency and duration of feeds.

Reliability – Top quality pumps for reliability

Kit Contents
Tank, planter, pump, delivery system, drip ring, drain / filter fitting and full instructions.

Tank Size L, W, H: 550mm, 440mm, 280mm
Planter Size: 420mm, 420mm, 127mm
Tank Volume: 17ltrs