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Nitrogen (N 17%) Mono 1L - CANNA

Nitrogen (N 17%) Mono 1L - CANNA

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If your plants have a deficiency problem, this could be the solution.

Mononutrients are necessary for plant growth. CANNA Mono Nitrogen aids in the growth of plants. This can be utilised with any nutritional range, including CANNA.

CANNA Nitrogen is a mineral fertiliser with a 27 percent nitrogen content. (This product contains 6% ammonium, 11% amid nitrogen, and 10% nitrate.) MgO 2.5 percent and CaO 6.5 percent are also present).

Nitrogen is an important nutrient for plants. It is essential for the development of the plant since it plays a key function in protein synthesis and energy metabolism. Additionally, it has an impact on chlorophyll, DNA, and secondary metabolites. Furthermore, it boosts the plant's resistance.
Liquid nitrogen fertiliser is quickly absorbed by the plant, promoting vegetative growth.
Liquid nitrogen fertiliser can be blended with most fertilisers, with the exception of those containing concentrated sulphate.

To be used as a nitrogen fertiliser, among other things, in cases of nitrogen deficit (even during the generative development period) or as a supplementary therapy to boost growth.


Spray the leaves (1ml/l) with the nutrition solution or with the nutrient solution.


Dilute 10-20ml concentration (1:1000/1:500) in 10 litres of water.


All of the required ingredients are present in the proper proportions in a good fertiliser. When deciding the dose, proceed with caution; an overdose could be hazardous to the plant!