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Mother Nature CO2 Generators
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Mother Nature CO2 Generators

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Looking to increase your CO2 levels but not ready to commit to a bottled gas setup? Come on, Mother Nature CO2 Generator! This ingenious kit has been shown to increase CO2 levels by up to 800ppm and is ideal for grow tents and small-to-medium-sized rooms. Carbon Dioxide is an often-overlooked addition to a grow room, and increasing the amount available to your plants is a sure-fire way to accelerate growth rates, boost yields, and give plants more resistance to heat and stress.

How Does It Function?

Each Mother Nature bucket contains an amount of organic material; when this reaches 22oC, the bacteria present in the material activate and the natural process of fermentation and breakdown begins; the by-product of this process is the production of CO2! By then adding oxygen via an air pump, the bacteria are able to increase their rate of production and thus CO2 levels to extremely high levels, ideal for high-performance plant growth!

Mother Nature CO2 Generators: How to Use Them

Mother Nature Carbon Dioxide Generators are easy to operate. Simply connect your air pump to the air line on the bucket's bottom inlet and then plug it into a timer so that it turns on and off when your lights do. Because your plants are not photosynthesising, there is no need to supplement your room with CO2. Furthermore, because the bacteria activates at temperatures above 22oC, very little CO2 is wasted when the lights are turned off because your room will naturally be cooler. The bucket should then be placed in one of two ways in your grow space.

To begin, it can be placed on the floor, with the outlet pipe hidden behind an air movement fan to aid in the distribution of CO2 upwards towards your plants. CO2 is denser than oxygen and will naturally fall when there is little air movement; this method helps to distribute it as evenly as possible throughout your room. The second option for rooms with little air movement is to hang the bucket near the canopy of your plants and direct the outlet tube into the centre. As previously stated, CO2 will naturally fall and thus be available for uptake by your plants.

Mother Nature CO2 Generators come in two sizes: 5L and 10L. A 5 litre bucket is ideal for a 1.2m x 1.2m area, while a 10 litre bucket is suitable for a 2.4m x 1.2m area. Some growers have successfully used the buckets in larger spaces up to 2.4m x 2.4m, but we recommend following the above guidelines for maximum effect. Each bucket will last approximately 6 months before being discarded and replaced with a new bucket (the air pump, however, does not need to be replaced!).