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Bloom A and B - Monkey Nutrients

During the flowering stage, Monkey BLOOM will provide your plants with all the vital nutrients they require. This two-part mixture contains a special mix of minerals and biostimulants. The assimilation of nutrients is greatly enhanced by the combination of mineral and organic worlds. There are specific ratios of all 17 key macro- and micronutrients in the mix to ensure that fruit and flowers receive the maximum amount of nourishment. Nutrient-based food from Monkey is specifically designed for use in British waterways. Because we believe in consistency, the only variation between Grow and Bloom is the nutrient ratios of the two plants.


For the flowering period of the plant's life cycle, Monkey Bloom is an ideal base feed.

Nitrogen (N) levels are reduced while Phosphorus (P) and Potassium (K) levels are increased to help in flower development.

As a result of this separation, our base feeds are more stable and longer-lasting. A "crash out" of the solution or undesired interactions between the constituents are prevented.

Beneficial microorganisms and bio-stimulants found in Part B serve to boost the availability of mineral-derived elements in the body.


Fruits. Our goal is to produce rich, heavy fruits during the blossoming stage. Phosphorus (P) and potassium (K) enrichment will enhance fruit quality by boosting yield, flavour, and oil content.

Specifically developed for use in the United Kingdom, Bloom is a highly concentrated formula that works well in both soft and hard water environments.

Our foundation feed contains only the best mineral ingredients. Chemical ionisation enhances the plant's ability to utilise these nutrients.

When combined with mineral components, bio-stimulants increase nutrient absorption even further.

How does BLOOM function?

Floral development relies heavily on the minerals Potassium and Phosphorus. A plant's need for these elements increases dramatically during the blooming period. Transfer of energy is made easier by phosphorus. Enabling metabolic processes through the use of sunlight. Among its many activities, potassium aids in the regulation of the heartbeat. The plant's growth will be maximised if the N P K levels in this area are at their optimal levels.

For millions of years, beneficial microorganisms and biostimulants have coexisted in harmony with plants. Their primary goal is enhancing mineral absorption. An improvement in absorption and prevention of salt buildup and lockout can be achieved by unlocking more nutrients from your growing media. Hybrid performance is achieved through the utilisation of both mineral and bio elements in the range