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Mist Maker Humidifier 3 Head
Mist Maker

Mist Maker Humidifier 3 Head

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  • Creates a cool humid environment
  • Negative ion Ionizer, Humidifer
  • Mist Maker unit use ultrasound, no heat or chemicals
  • Mist Makers maintain the optimum growing enviroment required for cuttings, seedlings and growth through the vegetative stage of your plant cycle
  • Place in a large propagator or centre of the growroom and watch the vapour float around your cuttings producing rapid growth rates, delivering greater nutrient uptake and nutrient transportation
  • 10m cable length

It is recommended to use these humidifiers with Reverse Osmosis, or de-ionised water. This will it improve the longevity of the units and avoid any potential residues left on other equipment like carbon filters, or grow light reflectors.

Ensure you have a decent container of water for the puck (tub-trugs are great for this), and ideally a reasonably large reservoir that is connected via an auto top-up valve. This way your unit will be highly unlikely to ever run in dry conditions, potentially damaging the ceramic discs. Always make sure you have a few of the replacement ceramic discs spare, so when they do expire, you can get it back up and running in no time.

While timers can be used with this unit to control humidity levels, it is recommended to use a suitable humidistat to ensure your humidity is at exactly the right level, all the time.