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Venture metal halide 600w

Venture metal halide 600w

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The Venture Metal Halide lamp produces powerful light in the blue spectrum, perfect for growing plants. This lamp will run hotter than a sodium lamp, and is something to keep in mind. The lamp can be used right up until flowering as soon as plants are established. For best results, switch to a sodium or mixed spectrum lamp when flowering and fruiting starts.

  • Long Life
  • Has an average life of 15,000-20,000+ hours, more than ten times that of incandescent.
  • Better Light Quality
  • The output of metal halide lamps is closer to natural sunlight than most other light sources. People prefer white light because of better visual acuity, even at lower light levels.
  • Metal halide lamps can be designed to produce almost any color temperature desired, from 2700K to 20,000K. Specialty colors, including blue, green, aqua and pink, can also be produced.