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Maxifan Tube Fan 125L, 125mm-360m3/h

Maxifan Tube Fan 125L, 125mm-360m3/h

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The Maxifan range has expanded with the launch of its Tube inline fans. These single speed fans are reliable, quiet, free from air leaks and move large amounts of air quickly.

The Maxifan Tube fan range includes a steel mounting bracket and each fan is hard-wired ensuring
installation is quick, easy and secure.

Key Features:
• Reliable, high quality German motors (EBM PAPST)
• Easy to install – Mounting bracket included
• Hard-wired with a UK plug, just plug and play
• Move large amounts of air quickly
• Single Speed
• Free from air leaks
• Seven size options
• High quality components
• Robust, durable casing

Other sizes are avaiable apon request please contact the store