Maxibright Goldstar Air Cooled Reflector

Maxibright Goldstar Air Cooled Reflector

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The Maxibright Goldstar air cooled reflector offers a highly reflective aluminium reflector, wide and uniform light output and easy access for lamp changing with the hinged glass cover. Installation is easy by using the V hooks provided for hanging the Goldstar also has a 5m x 1.5mm power cable for added flexibility and is airtight for powered air-cooling, all at an affordable price.

Key Features:
200mm size 
Highly reflective aluminium interior
Toughened glass lamp cover
Wide & uniform light output
5M x 1.5mm power cable
V-hooks for easy hanging
Airtight for efficient air-cooling
Suitable for 150W to 1000W HID lamps
Easy lamp access with a hinges cover and retention clips
Runs high pressure sodium or metal halide lamps